Get Set for Summer with Peek Pro

As the temperatures rise and the days get longer, the summer season presents an exciting opportunity for tour operators to maximize their


As the temperatures rise and the days get longer, the summer season presents an exciting opportunity for tour operators to maximize their business potential and capitalize on the influx of eager travelers. With the right tools at your disposal, you can streamline your operations, enhance customer experience, and ultimately maximize revenue for your tour operator business. From automating communications to filling your tours to their fullest capacity, Peek Pro empowers you to take charge of your summer season like never before

Prepare for a record-setting summer with our checklist of 6 business-optimizing strategies to make the most of the upcoming season:

  1. Customize Your Abandoned Booking Emails for Higher Conversion Rates
  2. Capture Last Min Bookings with Smart Cutoffs
  3. Upsell Your Experiences with Add-Ons
  4. Boost Staff Retention with Tipping in the Booking Flow
  5. Generate Repeat Business with a Loyalty Program
  6. Other Feature Launches to Help You Maximize Your Summer

Customize Your Abandoned Booking Emails For Higher Conversion Rates

There are many reasons a customer gets distracted while booking an activity. By sending customers a little reminder of the experience they’ve left behind, you can bump your sales in a big way! For optimum results, customization is key - tweak the language to sound like your company, include enticing photos, customer reviews, and even add a discount code to increase conversions

Capture Last Min Bookings with Smart Cutoffs

Based on our data, there is a surge in bookings a few hours before activities start. Smart Cutoffs let you extend your online booking cutoff times when a minimum amount of spots have been filled, allowing for more last-min bookings.

Upsell Your Experiences with Add-Ons

Upsell your experiences and boost cart sizes by selling Add-Ons in your booking flow. Some easy examples include bottles of water, snacks, or towels. If you’re feeling more creative, you could offer champagne or branded merch.

Boost Staff Retention With Tipping in the Booking Flow

We know how important it is to hold onto your staff and bumping up their take-home salary is a great way to do that. With Peek’s native tipping feature your guests can choose to add a tip at any point in their customer journey, including right within the booking flow. Plus, Peek’s customizable reporting makes it super easy for you to pay out the correct employees (or you can choose to split them between the team)

Generate Repeat Business With A Loyalty Program

Make the most of your regular customers and offer deals that will keep them coming back. With Peek’s membership feature, you can offer various packages and deals to encourage repeat business. For Example:

  • Season Pass: Free access to kayak rentals from June to August
  • Annual Pass: 50% off Jet Ski rentals with every Boat rental booking
  • Package Deal: Make 10 bookings, and get the 11th free

Other Feature Launches to Help You Maximize Your Summer

Make checkout even faster and easier for your customers with new payment options in your booking flows. Peek operators with the mobile wallet enabled are seeing it being used in 24% of transactions and the customer’s checkout experience is now 25% faster. Along with increased speed and efficiency, mobile wallet payments are becoming a preferred payment option for many, with 60% of people now feeling confident leaving their homes with just their phones! These new payment options ensure customers have more easy payment choices, helping you boost conversions and grow revenue.

Summer is in full swing, and the time to capitalize on the bustling season is now! As a tour operator, you can't afford to waste a moment. Peek Pro, our all-inclusive booking software, equips you with the essential tools and features to seize the moment. From automated communications to loyalty programs, Peek Pro empowers you to make the most of this vibrant season. If you're already a partner, ensure you're utilizing all the incredible features Peek Pro offers to optimize your business. Don't leave any opportunity untapped! And if you haven't partnered with us yet, there's no time to lose. Reach out to our sales team today for a free demo and start reaping the benefits of Peek Pro immediately.


Peek and Fotaflo Partnership: Increase Tour and Activity Bookings with Guest Photos and Videos

In the competitive tour and activity industry, it’s critical to implement the right customer service and marketing strategies to grow your b


In the competitive tour and activity industry, it’s critical to implement the right customer service and marketing strategies to grow your business. This is why an increasing number of tour and activity operators are incorporating the model of offering photos and videos for their guests

Not only have these businesses experienced the incredible impact this has on guest satisfaction, but the outcome of gifting free photos and videos to every client has led to powerful growth. Related specifically to more repeat bookings, brand visibility and referrals on social media, and 5-star ratings on TripAdvisor, Yelp and Google Reviews.  

What is Fotaflo?

Fotaflo is the premier photo/video delivery and marketing platform for tour and activity operators. It offers an easier way to capture and deliver memories to your guests, which delights, and turns them into repeat clients and powerful advocates for your business. This happens with email and text remarketing that offers free (or for sale) photos and videos, which reengages past guests, so they book again, and share enticing visual referrals of your tour or activity via email, social media and review websites. With Fotaflo, these referrals include photos and videos of your guests having a great time that direct potential customers to your website.

Why is Fotaflo valuable for tour and activity operators?

Improved guest satisfaction

By linking Peek with Fotaflo, you can significantly boost the satisfaction of your guests, by offering them photos and videos of their experience with your tour or activity. The results for your business are more repeat bookings, recommendations to family and friends, social media referrals, and 5-star ratings on the most popular review websites.

Increased brand awareness

When you link Fotaflo with Peek there is an opportunity to dramatically increase the visibility of your business online. Whether it’s by guests sharing the photos and videos of the amazing time they had with your business on social media, or leaving very positive reviews on channels like TripAdvisor, Yelp and Google Reviews.

Growth in revenue

Linking Peek to Fotaflo allows your tour and activity business to grow its revenue through the platform's innovative photo sharing and marketing system. By giving your guests the power to share photos and videos across social media, which link back to your website, you will begin to capture many more leads and bookings. 

How does the integration work?

The Android or iOS apps from Fotaflo offer a fully automated experience of uploading, organizing and delivery of your guests’ photos and videos. Whether you choose to give away or sell these photos and videos, Fotaflo’s automated delivery system allows you to deliver these memories to guests through email or text.

How can operators take advantage of this partnership?

Peek operators already using Fotaflo can request access to the integration by reaching out to If you’re a Peek partner interested in using Fotaflo, we invite you to book a demo. During your demo with Fotaflo, if you mention Peek, you will receive a discounted price on your first year subscription of any annual plan. 

Business Management

Peek Partners with PicThrive to Help Guests Relive Their Favorite Experiences

The rise of social media and review sites has made the creation of personal & shareable content more important than ever. These not only pro


The rise of social media and review sites has made the creation of personal & shareable content more important than ever. These not only provide lasting memories for the customer but help boost revenue and word of mouth for tour operators! Given this, Peek is thrilled to announce a brand new partnership with PicThrive, offering tour operators a seamless guest experience for purchasing and distributing souvenir photos and videos.

What is PicThrive?

PicThrive is a better way to sell and share experience souvenir photos and videos. A combined single sales and marketing platform with more than 1 million guests served, PicThrive is designed for tour operators to create a contactless photo purchasing experience. Optimized for both in-store and online sales, PicThrive helps capture every sale so your customers can walk away with a lasting photo or video memory.

What does this mean for operators?

Grow revenue Operators can increase tour sales by using a branded gallery to link to the Peek Pro booking system and boost incremental per-guest sales by promoting the photo/video purchase process at the start of the guest booking. More branding opportunities By linking the two systems, guests are encouraged to go through a fully branded journey that fits seamlessly into your business, with full customization at every touch point. Boost quality reviewsPicThrive offers several options for one-click sharing and linking photos to reviews in TripAdvisor, Google and Yelp, allowing future guests to picture themselves on your awesome experience! Even better, it automatically gives you free user-generated marketing.

How does the integration work?

Simplify the steps for selling photo and video packages by passing necessary guest info from a booking in Peek Pro to an online personal photo gallery with a mobile-friendly purchasing experience. New bookings from Peek are pushed to PicThrive, where operators have the choice to integrate two ways: Auto Sales&Auto Complete. These are great integration options for adventure businesses looking to simplify the guest experience. Auto Sales allows operators to create timing rules to automatically send emails out with the option to purchase after the activity has ended. Auto Complete helps speed up the check-out process by displaying a list of customer names and emails that fit with the first few letters entered. Connecting Peek to the PicThrive workspace will automatically identify which customers have already purchased photos and videos in store, then connect those who haven’t made purchases directly to their trip album for the opportunity to buy online. For some operators, it also makes sense to offer pre-pay options in their booking process, where a photo or video package is included in the reservation process.

How do operators start taking advantage of this partnership?

If you’re a Peek partner interested in using PicThrive, reach out to to have the integration set up in your Peek Pro account.

Online Bookings

7 Ways to Be Unstoppable With Peek Pro 7

Today’s world is unpredictable. Every day we face unique challenges that need to be confronted head-on. This can become overwhelming, and we


Today’s world is unpredictable. Every day we face unique challenges that need to be confronted head-on. This can become overwhelming, and we find ourselves facing a number of questions.

How can I maximize revenue in every step of the customer journey?

How can I talk to my customers, quickly and powerfully?

How can I grow my customer base and scale my operations?

Peek launched over 700 updates to help operators thrive during the pandemic. Now we’re thrilled to unveil a special update with even more new features and tools to help you answer these questions and more.

Introducing Peek Pro 7: the most advanced operating system for experiences, giving you the tools to be unstoppable.

7 ways to achieve unstoppable growth:

1. Say Hello to Memberships

Your loyal customers represent a steady revenue stream that returns to your business again and again. Why not take advantage of their customer loyalty by offering them a membership?

Here are some the benefits of Peek’s brand new memberships feature:

Maximize Revenue  

  • Generate a dependable, steady stream of income from your most passionate customers.
  • Launch a marketing campaign in May to boost cash-flow at the start of your season.

Flexible Configuration

  • Create unique memberships that work for your business. Peek’s flexible configuration rules allow you to customize everything from duration and pricing, to imagery and description.

Customer Loyalty Rewards

  • Hold onto your most frequent guests by offering them exclusive access to unique benefits and perks.

Total Back Office Control

  • Easily track and download member information and membership revenue with new back-office reporting.

With Peek Pro 7, setting up Memberships is easy. If you’re already using Peek, you can find detailed instructions here. If not, set up a call with our sales team here to find about memberships and more.

What are some examples of membership programs I could offer?

2. All Together Now

New to Peek Pro 7, your customers now have the ability to view and interact with important booking details through Customer Portal! This customer-facing feature allows your customers to easily access all their booking information in one spot, and make any necessary changes prior to the start of the activity.

These self-service tools enable you to spend less time manually updating bookings and more time focusing on creating the best experience possible for your customers!

Your customers can seamlessly access their Customer Portal through one of three ways:

  • In the booking widget after a purchase has been completed
  • In an automated email triggered at a time of your choice
  • Via SMS text message

With Customer Portal, you control the information that your customers see prior to their booking. Customize your Customer Portal by designing your own unique layout that reflects your company’s branding and values. Once you’ve chosen your theme, select which actions you’d like to include:

Top Tip: Include a customer testimonial or a highlights video so customers know what to expect and get excited for your experience!

Learn more about how Customer Portal can help you share the most important details with your customers and save time on manual back-office tasks in this Helpdesk article.

3. Instant Connection

Drive demand and broaden your customer base with direct integrations to your favorite resellers, using new industry-standard technology OCTO.

Octo is an industry standardization protocol for sharing booking and availability information with large reseller platforms; Peek is a founding member of the OCTO development committee and we are working with other platforms across the travel industry to solidify this as the industry standard.

Configure your products to resell with partners that fit you. Send custom API keys to any resellers, or set up one of our new integrations with TourDesk, Tiqets, Klook, and many more.

Here are some of the benefits of Peek’s Reseller Hub:

All-in-One Integration Management

  • Manage all your reseller activity directly from Peek Pro, from product migration to sales revenue.
  • Access all your bookings in one place and see the big picture when it comes to your business.

Streamlined Configuration

  • Setting up an activity on Peek Pro’s Reseller Hub is easy and can be created for both rentals and activities.
  • Package all your activity and rental information into a format that directly integrates with 15 resellers (and counting!).
  • This is a one-time process that can be applied to all connections instead of configuring these settings for every reseller.

Reseller Reporting

  • Use Reseller Reports to analyze all bookings and commissions from connected resellers.
  • Identify trends and useful insights by tracking booking quantity and purchase size.

Complete Control

  • Choose which ticket types, time-slots and durations can be sold by your resellers.
  • Customize rules for each reseller to maximize revenue; allow your most valuable resellers to sell more tickets.

Currently working with a reseller that doesn’t have a direct Peek Pro integration? Not a problem: easily share Peek Pro’s API documentation to start working towards building a connection.

With Peek Pro’s Reseller Hub, you have the power to effortlessly integrate with your favorite resellers. Check out how you can start setting up your reseller integration in this Helpdesk article.

4. Talk Less, Say More

Communication is crucial when it comes to providing a superior guest experience. Peek Texting enables automated text messages to US & Canada-based customers, ensuring your guest stays informed at every step of their experience. Provide them with the most up-to-date information by sending out meeting points, weather updates and reminders.

How can I use Peek Texting?

  • Booking Confirmation

Keep your customers informed quickly and efficiently. Once a booking is made, automatically send a text confirming their reservation and share all key information needed like activity time, meeting location and any other details.

  • Smart Reviews

Capture more five-star reviews by sending a follow-up text once an activity ends! With Peek Texting,  you can enable automated texts to send following the completion of an activity. These texts will link out directly to your review form to guarantee all customers have the opportunity to write an amazing review!

  • Activity Reminder

Trigger automated text messages to go out 24 hrs before an activity to cut down on no-shows and late arrivals, and make sure your customers stay up-to-date with important info.

Set up Texting in minutes using Peek’s optimized default text template, or create an original template and put your own unique spin on it! Learn more about seamlessly communicating with your customers using Peek Texting in this Helpdesk article. With Peek Texting, you can ensure there’s never a miscommunication!

5. All Hail Scale

Peek Pro 7 not only gives you the software tools to be unstoppable, but also helps you obtain the necessary capital to take your business to the next level. With Peek Capital, you can get a business loan from approved lenders ranging from $1K to $5M at the most competitive rate. As travel returns to pre-pandemic levels, now is the time to invest and make the most of the impending flush of customers.

Accessing capital opens up a range of possibilities for growth and taking your business to the next level:

  • Add more products and experiences to your offering
  • Hire more tour guides and staff
  • Invest in your brand and new marketing strategies
  • Cover unexpected costs that may arise
  • Purchase new equipment

While other loan processes can be challenging and prolonged, Peek Capital works with lenders to fast-track your loan. Filling out an application takes around 15 minutes and you could get access to funding in as soon as 24 hours after approval. Peek’s lending partners work with you to find the capital option that’s right for your company and can provide the  growth opportunities to take your business to the next level. Learn more about Peek Capital and easily apply for different funding options here.

6. The Price is Right

Peek’s advanced dynamic pricing functionality gives you the tools to drive additional revenue and demand based on your customers’ behavior.

Attract more customers on slower days and boost profit on your busiest. Set up your pricing to reflect expected demand for your most popular times of the year, as well as slower periods.

To get started select your rule, create the specifics and then apply to your different activities. Take advantage of some of the use cases below to maximize revenue and ensure no ticket goes unused:

Maximize revenue on busy weekends

  • Does your business get super busy on the weekends? Set up your dynamic pricing in advance so that your weekday tickets differ from weekend prices. Creating a weekend rule ensures a revenue boost for when customers inevitably book on Saturday and Sunday.

Increase last-minute bookings

  • Sell every ticket with Peek’s Last Minute Availability dynamic pricing rule. Offer last-minute discounts to fill open spots in activities as you get close to the start of an activity. Your last seats are the most profitable as you’ve already met your fixed costs so this is a great way to maximize revenue and overall bookings.

Boost demand for quieter timeslots

  • Early bird or night owl? If your activity is more popular in the evening, set up a rule that offers your morning hours at a discounted rate. Choose your desired time range for the advanced pricing rule and watch as you increase morning bookings.

Check out our Helpdesk article to learn how you can easily set up advanced dynamic pricing to maximize revenue and boost demand!

7. The More You Know

Peek Pro 7 offers even more customizable reporting options to help you explore, analyze, and share real-time insights easily and drive better outcomes that benefit your business. Some of the new reporting functionalities available in this update include Membership revenue & member data, Custom Question breakdowns and additional Reseller reports.

Here’s a reminder of some of the most helpful business intelligence reports accessible on Peek Pro:

Manifest Based Sales Report

  • See total sales broken down by activity and start time for a custom date range to see which activities are your biggest sellers at different points in the year.  
  • You can also add additional purchase types such as add-ons and tips to get a more granular understanding of additional revenue from each activity.
  • Use this information to identify trends and optimize your marketing campaign calendar.

Mobile vs Web Online Sales Report

  • Get an in-depth look at whether your customers are booking from their mobile device or planning in advance from their desktop computer.
  • If you're getting the majority of bookings from mobile, it might be a sign to optimize your booking flow and site for mobile usage rather than desktop.

Resellers Report

  • Track the bookings and commissions of all activities sold through your connected resellers. Use this report to see which resellers are most successful, break this down by the number of bookings and purchase sizes  
  • Use these insights to determine cut-off limits for your different resellers. For example, if one reseller tends to get more high-value bookings you may want to increase the number of tickets they can sell per time slot.

Sales Day by Weekday

  • You can see which days of the week are busiest and generate the most revenue for you.
  • Configure your Advanced Dynamic Pricing rules based on the findings of this report. If certain days of the week attract a higher number of customers you may want to increase prices to drive demand to quieter days.

Peek Pro’s reporting system not only is key for tracking the different metrics of your business, but it provides information fundamental to making the most important decisions. Discover more of Peek Pro’s advanced reports in this Helpdesk article.

Peek Pro 7 is so much more than your average software update. These new tools build on an already state-of-the-art product, allowing you to further maximize revenue, communicate powerfully with guests and scale your business.

Already using Peek Pro? These tools are available to use today! If you’re not yet using Peek Pro, schedule a free demo to see how Peek can help you be unstoppable.


Growvember 2022 Recordings

Thanks for joining us for Growvember!‍ We had another incredible year of learning and connecting with the tours, activities and attractions


Thanks for Joining Us for Growvember!

We had another incredible year of learning and connecting with the tours, activities and attractions industry. Peek hosted 7 30min workshops on topics ranging from pricing and business strategy to PR and TikTok, and we caught up with 4 awesome operators and got their thoughts on the year to come.

Big thanks to all of the speakers and to those who joined us live for the discussions. Growvember 2022 is now over, but don’t worry! You can access the recordings of all talks right here.

Mitch Bach

Co-Founder, TripSchool

Catherine Warrilow

Managing Director,

Joanna Gruau

Multi-day Trips Product Manager, Wheel The World

Casey Clark

CEO, Cultivate Advisors

Jazlyn Richardson

Social Media Manager, AAMP

Kelsey Tonner

Founder & Lead Coach, Guest Focus

Joshua Pacheco

Account Executive, Peek

Tour Operator Roundtable

Forrest Parker, Undiscovered Charleston, Paola Osuna, Tomatl Mexican Culinary Experiences, Mark Runyan, Kayak Connection, Jaime Lewis, Islandz Tours, John Lynch, Peek

See you next year for Growvember 2023!


Growvember 2021 Recordings

Thanks for Registering for Growvember!‍ Peek gathered experts from around the tourism industry to share their knowledge in 40-minute worksho


Thanks for Registering for Growvember!

Peek gathered experts from around the tourism industry to share their knowledge in 40-minute workshops and roundtable discussions! These industry experts delivered invaluable workshops centered around customer communication, accessibility, digital marketing, social media & much more!

Big thanks to all of the speakers and to those who joined us live for the discussions. Growvember 2021 is now over, but don’t worry! You can access the recordings of all talks right here.

Arturo Gaona

Co-Founder, Wheel the World

Alan Armijo

Co-Founder, TripSchool

Ben Page

Director of Search Marketing, Blend Marketing

Evan Tipton

Founder & CEO, TOMIS Tech

Oskar Bruening

Co-Founder, Peek

Chris Torres

Founder & Director, Tourism Marketing Agency

Mitch Bach

Co-Founder, TripSchool & Campfire

Robin Harnish

Co-Founder & Head of Operations, TourismSolved

Marica Mackenroth Brewster

Founder & CEO, Von Mack Agency

Tour Operator Roundtable

Brian Cain, Owner & Operator, Crawl New Orleans, Lori Ventura, Owner, Kansas City Fountain Tours, Juan Carlos Carraza, Commercial Director, Selvatura Park, Austin Riley, Chief Pilot & Director of Operations, Branson Helicopters, John Lynch, COO, Peek

See you next year for Growvember 2022!

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