It pays to have friends

Earn free money each time a friend signs up with Peek Pro.

How does it work?

01. Fill out the form below with your information to participate in our referral program.

02. Once accepted, you’ll be able to submit referrals in seconds through your own personalized portal.

03. Once they install with Peek Pro, you’ll receive your referral compensation after 90 days.

04. Refer another business! There’s no limit to the rewards you can receive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will my referral bonus be?

Your bonus will be calculated based on the size of the company you are referring. We use TripAdvisor reviews or Google reviews to work this out.

TripAdvisor Reviews
0-399 - $100
400-749 - $200
750+ - $300

Google Reviews
0-199 - $100
200-399 - $200
400+ - $300

What if my referral does not use TripAdvisor or Google reviews?

Please indicate this on your referral form and we’ll use a different method to determine the size of the referred business.

Who can I refer to Peek Pro?

Any business that takes bookings! Whether it’s a small kayak shop or your local museum, Peek Pro is a great fit for businesses of any size.

Am I eligible to take part in this referral program?

You must be using our Peek Pro software to take part in this referral program. If you are not a Peek Pro user but would like to refer a business you may be eligible for Peekosystem, our external affiliates program. Please reach out to for more information.

Still have questions?

Drop us a line at

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