empower staff

A system your staff will love

Keep staff happy with customer tipping & remove manual tasks with automated back office management.

boost take home pay by 10%


Retain staff & increase take home pay with an average tip rate of 16%. Give guests convenient opportunities to show their appreciation with flexible tipping options.

Customer Tipping
Custom Manifests
seamless guide organization

Custom Manifests

Powerful manifests that work for your business. Give guides & staff a personalized view of the day's bookings.

lightning fast payments

Flexible Payments

Allow guests to check out quickly and however they like, with split payments, Apple & Google Pay, invoicing and a whole host of other payment options.

Booking Flexibility
rapid back office actions

Booking Flexibility

Take the work out of on-the-ground admin with an array of rapid actions that’ll make their lives easier. Cancel, un-cancel, clone bookings, quick pay - the list goes on!

fill every spot

Availability Rules

Want to leave a booking open once minimums have been met? Want to black out nearby activities until vessels are fuller? Use intelligent rules to maximize spots (and profit) on every tour.

Availability Rules

"Everybody at our company works inside Peek every day. It takes just hours for new employees to become experts using Peek!"
Sea the City

Guide & Resource Management
manage equipment & guides

Guide Management

Keep better tabs on assigned guides & equipment, adjust employee permissions, and send customer notifications; so everyone sees what they need to see, when they need to see it.

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