Online bookings are growing quickly, according to Phoenix Marketing International’s Online Travel Audit, . More than three-quarters of business and leisure travelers use travel websites when booking hotels, for example. They expect a similar ease of use when booking tours and activities while traveling.Making your online registration easy to use through a strong online booking system can help improve your customer experience and free you up to spend your time focused on expanding your business. Here’s are a few advantages of online booking systems.

Get closer to your customers

As technology has improved, online registration software has become much more responsive, flexible and powerful. Some travel operations may feel like they don’t need a full-service platform that can do more than simply take a name and credit card, but the fact is, it’s beneficial for all businesses to capture, sort and analyze their customer data.Organizations that pride themselves on providing a personal touch when dealing with customers can still maintain that feel with a modern online registration system.

Discover time-saving shortcuts

No matter what your needs are when it comes to online registrations, look for features that make the rest of your work easy. Booking systems that automate repetitive tasks can save you time and effort. Automated emails, for example, can be set up to remind booking customers about their upcoming trips and reduce no-shows, saving you money as well. Automated bookkeeping and reports can lighten your workload as well.

Booking systems that automate repetitive tasks can save you time and effort

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Improve your customers' experience

Having a well-designed and engaging website will help make it easy for customers to find information and reserve a trip with you. Ensure that your website makes it easy to sign up and book an outing -- make that “book it” button noticeable for its size or contrasting color. Don’t make customers click through multiple pages or retype information -- a case study by Imagescape found that reducing their form fields from 11 to 6 resulted in a 160 percent increase in submitted forms. Share positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers, post videos so customers can see what to can expect, and ensure that your FAQs page is full of useful information for people who haven’t booked before.

Process payments the smart way

Taking credit card payments over a secure online registration platform protects your business and is more convenient for customers, as well.Remember that taking credit card payments over the phone can mean higher fees for you. If you don’t take payment at all until the customer shows up, you risk a higher rate of no-shows.With the advances that have been made in online registrations, it makes sense to give customers what they want when they’re trying to book online. Look into the technology that can help your business make its online registrations more efficient.

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