As an activity operator with a hectic schedule, finding the time to implement new growth strategies can be challenging. That's why we've put together a one-week guide with proven practices to help your business drive more revenue. It's simple—7 steps for 7 days. Follow these easy steps each day to optimize your business and unlock more revenue in no time.

DAY 1: Customize Your Abandoned Booking Emails

One of our partners' favorite features is our Abandoned Booking emails. It's common for customers to get distracted and leave your website without finalizing their booking. This is where Abandoned Booking emails come in. Peek Pro allows you to send automated reminder emails to customers that return them to their last place in the booking flow, helping you never miss a sale. 

This revenue-generating feature has increased conversions by an average of 16% for our partners. Whether you are just getting started or already using this powerful feature, there's even more you could be doing to maximize profits with Abandoned Booking emails!

Instead of sending generic emails, personalize your content to let clients know more about you and the exciting experiences you offer; Make a memorable brand impression by adding personal touches to your emails like photos and testimonials, or add targeted deals to your Abandoned Booking emails to encourage potential guests to book fast.

Real-Life Example: Check out how Pedal Pub customizes their Abandoned Booking to successfully re-engage customers and boost conversions.

Take the opportunity to let customers get to know you and your brand before they book. Our advice to partners is to customize wherever possible! Follow this guide to get your abandoned booking emails set up today. For more tips on how to customize your emails, click here.

Day 2: Upsell with Add-Ons & Bundles

One easy way Peek partners amp up sales is with our revenue-boosting Add-Ons & Bundles features. Enhance your customers' experience and boost cart sizes with little to no extra work required. Our partners witness an average 7.2% increase in sales using Add-Ons & Bundles. If you're not making the most of these revenue-generating features, you should be!

Offer Customers More with Add-Ons

Add-Ons are a great way to improve customer experience while growing revenue. Your customers are already booking, so why not offer them a little extra? Peek Pro allows you to showcase all of your products and upgrades right in booking flow.

There are so many ways you can get creative with Add-Ons.  Need a little inspo?  You can use Add-Ons to upgrade guests’ experiences with a high-performance jet ski, for example. Or you can offer all the extras your guests will need for their adventure in one place, like sunscreen, a Go-Pro, water shoes and dry bags.

 Learn how to get Add-ons set up and start upselling your experiences.

Boost Your Bottom Line with Bundles

Bundles encourage your customers to book and pay for multiple tours or activities all at once, automatically boosting your bottom line. For instance, you can:

You can enable it right now in the product section of your PeekPro account; for more detailed instructions follow this guide. To learn even more about the increasing revenue with Bundles, check out this webinar!

Day 3: Increase Bookings with Smart Cut-Offs

Smart Cut-Offs are your secret weapons for squeezing more profits from your tours. Based on our data, there is a surge in bookings a few hours before activities start. Typically, you'd disable online bookings hours before your tour to give you and your team enough time to prepare for the activity. However, if your minimum number of seats is already booked, you're going to run the tour anyway - why not leave the booking open until the last minute?

Smart Cut-Offs let you extend your online booking cut-off times when a minimum number of spots have been filled, allowing for more last-minute bookings. So how exactly does this work? This intuitive Peek Pro feature asks you for the minimum number of guests needed to run a tour. Once this number is reached, online bookings will remain open until the new cut-off time you have set up.

Extending your online booking cut-off can lead to significant gains, as evidenced by an average 4% increase in sales for partners using this feature. In fact, these last seats are the most profitable, as you've already met your fixed costs for the tour. Extend your online booking cut-off and accept as many guests as possible!

Ready to start earning more on your activities? Enable Smart Cutoffs today!

DAY 4: Add a 'Book Now' Button to Your Homepage

There may be one small thing that's causing your business to lose big when it comes to bookings. Generating traffic to your website is just the beginning; you need to convert visitors into customers. If customers can’t quickly figure out how to make their booking, they might just leave your page and find another option. 

Add a clear and prominent 'Book Now' button to your homepage to quickly get customers into your booking flow. This small addition can give a big boost to sales!

However, you can’t just stick a ‘Book Now’ button anywhere and call it a day. Where and how often this button appears on your website matters. Your 'Book Now' button should stand out and be easy to locate on both desktop and mobile devices. The term "above the fold" has been coined to reference the section of your webpage that the customer will see at first glance. Along these lines, size, color, wording, and font can also have an impact on conversions.

Ready to get your 'Book Now' button setup?

DAY 5: Drive Demand with Advanced Pricing Rules

Are you making the most of customer demand in every season? Advanced Pricing rules give you the flexibility to automatically adjust ticket prices to drive customer behavior and maximize profits year round. Peek Pro lets you automate pricing based on demand, the day of the week, time of day, and date ranges. 

For example, if you are a seasonal business with predictable high and low seasons, you can define pricing rules to take advantage of peaks and valleys in demand. Increase pricing during busier times like weekends, special events and holidays, and drive demand to slower days/times by offering special discounted rates.

You can even set up pricing adjustments at the start of the year to automatically take effect on specified dates. This means more revenue with less work!

Check out this step-by-step guide to get set up today.

 Day 6: Secure Sales with Gift Cards and Memberships

For many operators, the off-season means low sales and less revenue. Peek Pro makes it easy to generate additional streams of revenue year-round with gift cards and memberships. These features can help you build customer loyalty, capitalize on high-season demand and boost sales during the holidays.

Guarantee Revenue with Gift Cards

In today's world, people increasingly prefer gifting experiences over physical presents, making your tours and activities the perfect gift choice. Take full advantage of this trend and reach a whole new audience by offering gift cards directly through your website.

Gift cards can increase your cart sizes as customers typically spend more when using gift cards for their purchases. It is a valuable tool for boosting revenue, especially during the holiday season when customers seek creative and unique ways to surprise their loved ones. Gift cards can grow sales by around 4% in December alone–a perfect bump to off-season sales. 

Make it simple for customers to give the gift of an experience. Peek Pro lets you offer gift cards to customers right in your booking flow. They can be redeemable for specific activities, rentals, or a chosen cash amount. 

For an added touch, design your widget to send gift cards directly from customers to loved ones – complete with personalized messages. Get extra creative in your gift card emails by adding photos and testimonials to showcase what you offer.

Check out this article to get set up and start boosting revenue year-round.

Build Loyalty and Boost Profits with Memberships

Make the most of your regular customers and offer deals that will keep them coming back. Memberships can help you build loyalty and generate a dependable, steady stream of income.

With Peek's membership feature, you can offer special activity packages and deals to encourage repeat business. Our flexible configurations allow you to create the membership program that works for you. Customize everything from duration and pricing, to imagery and description.

You can even reward frequent customers with providing exclusive access to unique benefits and perks through a Customer Loyalty Program. Reporting’s a breeze too–Easily track and download member information and membership revenue with our new back-office reporting.

Get started today with this guide.

Already using memberships? Check out our new widget that lets customers gift a membership.

DAY 7: Increase Ratings with Smart Reviews

Did you know that 72% of customers won't convert until they've read some form of review? In today's content-saturated world, customers increasingly rely on reviews to make informed decisions.

This is where our Smart Reviews come into play: Boost your online reputation and attract new customers with this easy-to-use automation. Send automated review requests to guests and promote the best ones on sites like Google and TripAdvisor. 

No more chasing down guests to post feedback; our perfectly-timed emails and text messages make collecting reviews effortless. Smart Reviews not only send review requests to the person who made the booking, but also to all guests who have signed Digital Waivers.

You can customize your Smart Reviews request email to encourage guest response and generate additional sales. For example, personalize you automated review reminder emails with photos from guests’ adventures, links to your social media accounts and special promo codes.

Check out this guide to get your Smart Reviews set up today.

If you’re already using Smart Reviews, build customer trust by showcasing positive reviews on your website with a review widget. Learn how to get started here.

Bonus Day: Reward Staff with Customer Tips

We know how important it is to hold onto good staff and keep them focused on making every guest’s experience extra special. Bumping up their take-home salary is a great way to do that! Let happy guests show their appreciation and keep your crew motivated with Customer Tips.  

Peek makes it simple for customers to leave a tip without fishing around for extra cash or running an additional transaction. With our native tipping feature, your guests can choose to add a tip at any point in their customer journey, including right within the booking flow. This means, no cash needed. 

Widget tipping allows your customers to add tips while making their bookings before the activity or rental has taken place. This functionality is crucial for businesses that want to create new revenue streams for employees, improve employee retention, and enable groups to tip easily without the hassle of coordinating tips after the fact.

The Customer Tips feature is supported on both desktop and mobile, and can be used at the time of payment or after an activity or rental has ended.  Plus, customizable reporting makes it super easy for you to pay out the correct employees or distribute tips among your team.

Get Customer Tips set up with this guide and enable tipping in the booking flow. For even more info, check out this demo.

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