The rise of social media and review sites has made the creation of personal & shareable content more important than ever. These not only provide lasting memories for the customer but help boost revenue and word of mouth for tour operators! Given this, Peek is thrilled to announce a brand new partnership with PicThrive, offering tour operators a seamless guest experience for purchasing and distributing souvenir photos and videos.

What is PicThrive?

PicThrive is a better way to sell and share experience souvenir photos and videos. A combined single sales and marketing platform with more than 1 million guests served, PicThrive is designed for tour operators to create a contactless photo purchasing experience. Optimized for both in-store and online sales, PicThrive helps capture every sale so your customers can walk away with a lasting photo or video memory.

What does this mean for operators?

Grow revenue Operators can increase tour sales by using a branded gallery to link to the Peek Pro booking system and boost incremental per-guest sales by promoting the photo/video purchase process at the start of the guest booking. More branding opportunities By linking the two systems, guests are encouraged to go through a fully branded journey that fits seamlessly into your business, with full customization at every touch point. Boost quality reviewsPicThrive offers several options for one-click sharing and linking photos to reviews in TripAdvisor, Google and Yelp, allowing future guests to picture themselves on your awesome experience! Even better, it automatically gives you free user-generated marketing.

How does the integration work?

Simplify the steps for selling photo and video packages by passing necessary guest info from a booking in Peek Pro to an online personal photo gallery with a mobile-friendly purchasing experience. New bookings from Peek are pushed to PicThrive, where operators have the choice to integrate two ways: Auto Sales&Auto Complete. These are great integration options for adventure businesses looking to simplify the guest experience. Auto Sales allows operators to create timing rules to automatically send emails out with the option to purchase after the activity has ended. Auto Complete helps speed up the check-out process by displaying a list of customer names and emails that fit with the first few letters entered. Connecting Peek to the PicThrive workspace will automatically identify which customers have already purchased photos and videos in store, then connect those who haven’t made purchases directly to their trip album for the opportunity to buy online. For some operators, it also makes sense to offer pre-pay options in their booking process, where a photo or video package is included in the reservation process.

How do operators start taking advantage of this partnership?

If you’re a Peek partner interested in using PicThrive, reach out to to have the integration set up in your Peek Pro account.

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