The summer travel boom looks to continue into the fall as demand remains high and the price of flights begins to drop. Travelers are determined to make up for lost time with beach stays, city breaks, road trips and even “staycations” as COVID restrictions relax.

Part of Peek’s mission to connect the world through experiences means empowering businesses in the travel and activities industry to reach more customers and capture growing demand. In a continual effort to expand distribution opportunities for partners, Peek is incredibly excited to announce a new partnership with JetBlue!

Peek helps customers who have purchased a JetBlue flight enhance their trip with easy-to-find experiences in the area they’ll be visiting. “We are constantly looking for new ways to drive demand for the thousands of business owners on our platform,” says Ruzwana Bashir, CEO of “Businesses that use see an average of 30% revenue growth, and this new partnership with JetBlue kicks off a whole new era of connecting people to experiences in 2022.”

With the summer demand set to continue into the fall, this is an optimal window for partners to access this new stream of demand. Peek operators will be able to reap the benefits of a broad customer base by booking cheaper flights and searching for fun things to do across the U.S.

What does this mean for operators?

Peek’s partnership with JetBlue offers the opportunity to drive sales for partners in markets where JetBlue flies - with no extra effort on their end. As trip demand continues to remain strong, operators with activities on the PeekPlus network will get to tap into the travel boom and reap the rewards of the JetBlue customer base, eager to discover new experiences on their next trip.

Partners who are part of PeekPlus will now have the exciting chance to reach more customers faster, easier, and in volumes like never before. This collaboration is an incredible opportunity for all operators to increase exposure to their activities, and is backed by one of America’s largest airlines.

How do operators start taking advantage of this partnership?

For Peek operators already on the PeekPlus network, you don’t need to do anything! This partnership simply expands the channels you can receive bookings from. You’ll see any bookings come through alongside other reseller bookings in the PeekPlus section of Peek Pro. All you have to do is enjoy the new influx of customers!

For partners not yet on the PeekPlus network, it’s easy to list your activities on and start enjoying the benefits of an expansive network of additional booking channels. For even more connectivity across resellers, check out the Peek Reseller Hub. The Peek Reseller Hub connects to over 15 reseller integrations giving you increased visibility and sales, while easily managing them in your Peek Pro account!

Head to your Peek Pro account to start listing your activities - our partner support is always on hand to address any questions or concerns you may have. Not on Peek Pro? Reach out for a free demo to learn more about Peek Pro’s industry-leading booking software!

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