Today, we are happy to announce a dramatic change to our system that makes it easier for you to say “Yes” to more of your guests and offer the flexibility you’ve been asking us for.Summer 2019 makes 6 years of Peek Pro. Which is why we’re announcing Peek Pro 6: a series of upgrades coming all through 2019 that will change the game for your business.Here’s what we’ve got for you in this round of changes:

  • Helping Your Guests: TEN new ways that you will be able to say yes to your guests.
  • Bonus Releases: Add fire to your growth and cut operational headaches. See below!

If you’re a Peek Partner and excited about these changes, contact Partner Support to check your eligibility to be part of this phase of the rollout. You can also learn more about Peek Pro 6 in our helpdesk here.Not a Peek Partner yet? Schedule your demo here to see how Peek Pro 6 can work for you.Ok, enough talk. Let’s get into it!


Your Guest Says: "I'm here with my friend. Can I pay cash, and he pays with a card?"Yes! You can now take as many payments as needed via any method.This is available right now.


Your Guest Says: "Yesterday, we had to cancel but I have good news! We're able to proceed. Can you please un-cancel our booking?"Yes! You can now easily reactivate a canceled booking to bring all your guests info - including questions, answers & credit cards on file - back from the dead.This is available right now.


Your Guest Says: "Instead of a $450 deposit.. can I pay $400? That's all I have on me."Yes! You'll be able to apply custom amounts to a deposit in the back-end of Peek Pro. This is especially useful for large bookings or corporate customers! Note: this is a feature only available through the back-end of Peek Pro.This is available right now.


Your Guest Says: "I’ve got a $3,000 booking on Saturday - which I made a $300 deposit for. Can I pay $150 towards the total right now and pay the rest on the day?"Yes! This is a common scenario when selling larger bookings, and demonstrates the new flexibility that Peek Pro 6 gives you. This will be especially handy when you have groups paying towards a transaction.This is available right now.


Your Guest Says: "Hi, I booked for Monday. Can you switch me to Saturday? I'm happy to pay the difference!"Yes! While on Peek Pro we could always change dates, now you can easily charge the difference with the payment details already on file.Bonus: If the guest is switching to a cheaper time-slot, you can also refund them the difference.This is available right now.


Your Guest Says: "Hi, one of our group is sick and can no longer make it. Can we cancel their spot and receive a refund for that ticket?"Yes! Now on Peek Pro, you can easily change group sizes and charge or refund based on the final result. Previously, you'd have to cancel and refund the booking and create a new one.Add a guest and Pay the Difference: You can also ADD a new ticket and take the payment using the payment method on file, or any other method depending on the guest preferences.This is available right now.


Your Guest Says: "Instead of refunding me, can we put the balance towards an additional or longer activity?"Yes! Any time one of your guests has an additional balance, you'll be able to transfer it to any other activity or day, instead of refunding.Coming soon.


Your Guest Says: "Hi, when I booked my ticket, I forgot to select the GoPro Add-On. Can you please just add that to my booking and charge the card on file?"Yes! You can add any upsell with the card on file, no problem. In fact, this applies to Add-Ons, Custom Questions With Charges, and Additional Charges.This is available right now.


Your Guest Says: "I'd like to book multiple experiences, and just give you my Credit Card details to pay for them all at once. Can I do that?"Yes! Previously available only on PoS, you can now flexibly take as many bookings for experiences or upsells in the one booking and charge the one time.This is available right now.


Your Guest Says: "I've got a gift card for $100 but the website is still trying to charge me taxes and fees. Can't I just pay for everything with my gift card?"Yes! Gift cards can now pay for ALL charges associated with a booking, so long as they have the balance. You just need to configure it.Coming soon.

Other Improvements You Don’t Want to Miss:

  1. Tomis Integration. We’ve integrated with Tomis Tech, a marketing software and service company. Check them out.
  2. Export Manifest. You can now export your daily manifest in order to manage them in other tools.
  3. Create Rental Bookings on Mobile. Coming later this year, the ability to create rental bookings will now be available on all devices.
  4. Linked Flows. See image below. You can now easily place a link between different booking flows to assist guests with their navigation.
  5. A New Help Desk! Have you logged into the Peek Pro help desk lately? It's changed - significantly. And for the better.


If you’re interested in moving to Peek Pro 6, and taking advantage of all these great changes, contact Partner Support for more info!Not a Peek Partner yet? Schedule your demo here to see how Peek Pro 6 can work for you.

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