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Zipline Utah

After eight years of meticulous planning and convincing state officials to let him build a zip line course, Jon Johnson opened Zipline Utah. Using his experience in the construction industry, and a natural talent for building, Johnson crafted impressive zip line courses, many of which are the first of its kind. “Originally, I planned for a small, run-of-the-mill course. However, I visited big zip line companies and was inspired to plan bigger. I came up with so many new ideas, and my business grew from there!”

Zipline Utah boasts the longest zip line over water in the world, at 3,900 feet, as well as the longest continuous zip line–guests zoom over Deer Creek State Park and take in impressive views of the surrounding mountains for 2 miles without touching the ground.

The Problem

Before online booking, Johnson did everything by hand, including taking reservations by phone and recording important information on a notepad. Knowing that he needed a better way to manage his business, Johnson decided to try online booking, and automate formerly manual processes.

Johnson originally partnered with Peek because of its intuitive and customizable system; however, he transitioned to two other online booking partners in order to test other systems and see if they better suited his needs. “I switched to two other online booking platforms because I wanted to understand my options.”

As his business started to evolve, however, Johnson’s need for a flexible and user-friendly system became apparent. Though the other online booking platforms promised ease-of-use, Johnson discovered that wasn’t actually the case. “I had a difficult time with the other online booking systems. They couldn’t provide me with a quick and easy system that adjusted to my needs. I had a lot of problems with systems that weren’t Peek’s.”

Always on the go, Johnson also wanted a comprehensive mobile app with the tools and functionality of a desktop version of the software–something that other online booking partners could not provide him with. He decided to make the switch back to his first online booking partner, Peek. “I tested out other systems, and Peek was by far the easiest to use, and the one that best suited my needs.”

The Solution

Johnson no longer uses a notepad to manage his business. Instead, he relies on Peek’s robust system to oversee his daily operations. “We came back to Peek because of its ease-of-use, something I didn’t experience with other online booking partners,” he said. “Peek’s system is user-friendly and adapts to my needs. I can easily assign guides and update my schedule.”

In addition to automating his business operations, Peek has helped Johnson grow his business. Since making the switch back to Peek, Johnson’s seen a 20% increase in sales over what he received through other booking providers. He’s also able to recapture 11% of customers who don’t complete the booking process with the automated Abandoned Bookings feature.

Additionally, Johnson saves an estimated $500 per month or $6,000 annually by using Peek’s unlimited, free digital waivers. “We get hundreds of people booking, and they all need to sign waivers to participate. It’s handy to have Peek’s waivers available.” To improve the check-in process, Johnson can send his customers their waivers beforehand, or have them sign in the mobile app when they arrive.

Johnson has also taken full advantage of Peek’s mobile tools. His guides use Peek’s mobile app to upsell activities, capture waivers, check manifests and book reservations. “Everything’s right there on my phone. It’s super simple! Peek is definitely a leader in mobile apps.”

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