Sunset Ranch Hollywood

Eric Ancker, General Manager

Increase in Guests
Ticket Revenue Increase from Dynamic Pricing
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Sunset Ranch Hollywood

Established in the 1920s, Sunset Ranch sits in the heart of Los Angeles, providing a unique retreat within the city's vibrant environment. Adjacent to iconic landmarks like Mount Hollywood and the original Bat Cave, Sunset Ranch has become a preferred spot for city dwellers and tourists alike in search of an authentic equestrian experience.

The Problem

Before adopting Peek Pro, Sunset Ranch grappled with finding a booking system that could provide more than just sending a booking confirmation. They were looking for new ways to streamline their daily operations, simplify the booking flow and continue growing their revenue.

“The team wanted to leverage Dynamic Pricing but didn’t know how”

One particular strategy that interested the team was leveraging dynamic pricing to drive more demand during off-peak periods and maximize revenue at popular times. But they lacked the data and knowledge to implement it effectively.

The Solution

Now a proud Peek Pro partner, Sunset Ranch has been able to save their staff a ton of time with tools like digital waivers, automated texting and reseller integrations. They’ve also found a number of ways to increase revenue such as abandoned shopping cart emails and a mobile-optimized booking flow designed to boost cart sizes.

“Along with tools like weekday promo codes and gift cards, Dynamic Pricing has helped us make 2023 our most profitable year ever.”

However, most beneficial of all has been the implementation of Peek Pro’s Dynamic Pricing tools. Peek uses an advanced algorithm that takes multiple pricing rules into consideration such as date, time and availability, to generate a price that better reflects the true demand for a ticket. 

With Peek's guidance, Sunset Ranch put their historical data into the algorithm to develop a customized strategic pricing plan. This involved discounting some prices to incentivize bookings during slower time slots, while slightly increasing prices during high demand weekends.

This newfound strategy not only met their financial goals but also resonated positively with customers, who appreciated the perceived value and showed no resistance to slight price adjustments. 

To learn more about Peek Pro’s Dynamic Pricing feature, check out our Helpdesk Article or schedule a free demo here.

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