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Malibu Riders

Nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains, Malibu Riders provide unforgettable horseback tours for novices and equestrians alike. Guests trot through the breathtaking landscape pausing for unbeatable selfies at picturesque viewpoints and iconic Hollywood filming locations.

The Problem

Initially relying on pen and paper for phone bookings, Malibu Riders embraced Peek in 2017 and never looked back. With multiple guides leading separate groups of riders simultaneously, gratuities played a vital role in recognizing their exceptional service and countless hours of preparation. Previously they had to rely on guests bringing cash to provide them tips once the activity was over - leading to a very manual process that was difficult to track.

The Solution

Malibu Riders enabled Peek’s Tipping in the Booking Flow feature and has seen a ton of success! Because of the simplicity and ease-of-use of the feature, over half of customers have opted to leave a tip during the online booking process - no cash needed. This has led to an increase in overall revenue and take-home pay for staff. Courtney reflects, "When I ran payroll at the end of the month, I was astounded by the record-breaking amount of tips we collected, even during a relatively slow period."  As a result of the 50% boost in tips, staff is happier than ever and even more motivated to continue delivering exceptional experiences to guests!

"We collected a record amount of tips even during a slow period. My team has never been happier."

To learn more about enabling Tipping in the Booking Flow, check out our helpdesk article or schedule a demo here.


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