King's Landing

Austin Stoner, Operations Manager

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King's Landing

On the banks of Rock Spring Run on the Wekiva River, King’s Landing offers among the most pristine kayak, canoe and SUP tours in all of Florida. With crystal blue waters and a diverse mix of wildlife, this community staple is dedicated to the conservation and continued enjoyment of the surrounding ecosystem.

The Problem

With thousands of guests a week, Operations Manager Austin recognizes the importance of keeping guests happy through exceptional customer service. That’s why the team at King’s Landing always tries to offer store credit to avoid losing revenue through refunds and ensure customers can enjoy their experience. However, individually managing and sending promo codes to guests was too manual and prone to errors.

The Solution

Since utilizing the Store Credit feature, King’s Landing has cut back on refunds and drastically decreased back–office operation times. When cancellations occur due to unforeseen weather changes, they simply cancel the booking and send out an automated email with a store credit code so customers can rebook and return on a different day.

To learn more about the new Store Credit feature, check out our helpdesk article or schedule a demo here.


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