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Dylan's Tours

After traveling the world for many years, Dylan David decided to move back to his hometown of San Francisco and open his own tour company, Dylan’s Tours. David initially operated his tours out of his own minivan, where he would drive to local hostels and give tours to anyone willing to go for a ride.

Over the years, however, David’s quickly grown his business into a multi-minibus operation that provides intimate small group tours through San Francisco, Sausalito, Muir Woods and Alcatraz. David is now one of the largest operators in San Francisco with over 2,000 5-star reviews and a #1 ranking on TripAdvisor for tours in San Francisco.

David also works with his brother, Brendan, to provide e-bike tours of the city. He continues to share his passion for, and a local’s perspective of the Bay Area, with visitors from all over the world.

The Problem

David did not have a formal booking or resource management system before Peek. Instead, David and Coleman, Operations Manager, used Google Sheets to keep track of bookings and to assign guides. They also spent a significant amount of time sending follow-up and review emails.

In order to keep up with a growing business, David and Coleman needed to automate and streamline business operations. Their ideal online booking partner would automate emails and have a complex resource management feature.

David also sought an online booking partner who could give him insight into his business. After researching other online booking partners, David turned to Peek.

The Solution

The transition to Peek was seamless for David and Coleman, “It was a very smooth transition. The system was exactly what we needed,” Coleman said.

With Peek’s Resource Management tools, David and Coleman can easily organize their schedules and assign guides to each tour. “We assign guides based on the size of the vehicle and the group. It takes me less than 15 minutes to create a schedule!”

They also save 10 hours per week or 520 hours a year from administrative work by using Peek’s automated emails. According to Coleman, “Peek’s emails are so convenient. We can customize and build out emails as needed.”

What makes Peek stand out among other online booking providers is its ease-of-use and extensive reports tool. “If I’m speaking with someone over the phone, I can easily pull up their customer information.” Meanwhile, they are able to maintain a strong pulse over their business and find areas of improvement by using one of Peek’s many pre-built reports.

Overall, David and Coleman are happy with their partnership with Peek. They’re especially impressed by the dedication and attention Peek gives their partners. “We’re working with Oskar, Peek’s CTO, on setting up Google AdWords. He’s been so helpful!”

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