Do you offer Rentals? We have great news: our iOS app for Rentals is now ready for you to download!Here is a quick breakdown of some of the features available for rentals on the iOS App:

Do essential tasks…

Edit booking details of your customers, check in guests, sign waivers, AND cancel or refund bookings.

Add rental bookings in a few easy taps with Peek Checkout POS.

Peek Checkout was designed to give you a Point of Sales for customers wanting to rent equipment. It syncs automatically with your Peek Pro account, so you get real time availability.It also connects with your advanced pricing rules, so you can be confident you are always charging your customers the right amount.This means you’re able to process walk-ups and manage your inventory simultaneously.Integrated credit card swipers, receipt printers, and cash drawers means you can capture walk-up bookings faster than ever. You can even create shortcuts to make bookings easier and to keep you organized!Learn more about how to use Peek Checkout for Rentals here.

Easily view your rentals schedule and manifest.

Your schedule has different viewing options to let you see how many pieces of equipment will be in use in a specified time range. Alternatively, simplify your view and choose to only display periods of time which have existing bookings.Your mobile manifest also allows you to easily manage your business on the go. How? Organize your daily schedule into a list of upcoming activities. You can also customize it to show only the info that's relevant to you. For example, specific guides or times of the day.Learn more about your rentals schedule on our app here and more about the mobile manifest here.We know that the ability to manage your rentals from your pocket means you can save time running your business and increase your bookings. We are so excited to be able to provide our Partners with this new functionality.

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