In the competitive tour and activity industry, it’s critical to implement the right customer service and marketing strategies to grow your business. This is why an increasing number of tour and activity operators are incorporating the model of offering photos and videos for their guests

Not only have these businesses experienced the incredible impact this has on guest satisfaction, but the outcome of gifting free photos and videos to every client has led to powerful growth. Related specifically to more repeat bookings, brand visibility and referrals on social media, and 5-star ratings on TripAdvisor, Yelp and Google Reviews.  

What is Fotaflo?

Fotaflo is the premier photo/video delivery and marketing platform for tour and activity operators. It offers an easier way to capture and deliver memories to your guests, which delights, and turns them into repeat clients and powerful advocates for your business. This happens with email and text remarketing that offers free (or for sale) photos and videos, which reengages past guests, so they book again, and share enticing visual referrals of your tour or activity via email, social media and review websites. With Fotaflo, these referrals include photos and videos of your guests having a great time that direct potential customers to your website.

Why is Fotaflo valuable for tour and activity operators?

Improved guest satisfaction

By linking Peek with Fotaflo, you can significantly boost the satisfaction of your guests, by offering them photos and videos of their experience with your tour or activity. The results for your business are more repeat bookings, recommendations to family and friends, social media referrals, and 5-star ratings on the most popular review websites.

Increased brand awareness

When you link Fotaflo with Peek there is an opportunity to dramatically increase the visibility of your business online. Whether it’s by guests sharing the photos and videos of the amazing time they had with your business on social media, or leaving very positive reviews on channels like TripAdvisor, Yelp and Google Reviews.

Growth in revenue

Linking Peek to Fotaflo allows your tour and activity business to grow its revenue through the platform's innovative photo sharing and marketing system. By giving your guests the power to share photos and videos across social media, which link back to your website, you will begin to capture many more leads and bookings. 

How does the integration work?

The Android or iOS apps from Fotaflo offer a fully automated experience of uploading, organizing and delivery of your guests’ photos and videos. Whether you choose to give away or sell these photos and videos, Fotaflo’s automated delivery system allows you to deliver these memories to guests through email or text.

How can operators take advantage of this partnership?

Peek operators already using Fotaflo can request access to the integration by reaching out to If you’re a Peek partner interested in using Fotaflo, we invite you to book a demo. During your demo with Fotaflo, if you mention Peek, you will receive a discounted price on your first year subscription of any annual plan. 

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