Did you know that people are now favoring experiences over ‘stuff’ more and more? That’s why your tour or activity is the perfect gift!It’s now time to get selling because now’s the peak time for gift card sales!

Why Selling Gift Cards Will Beat Your Low Season Blues

Here are a few more key reasons why you should be utilizing gift cards to boost your sales this season:

Supercharge Your Sales During Slow Season

Holiday season is coming up, and you know that the best gift of them all is the chance to experience your awesome tour or activity. The only problem? The holidays often coincide with an operator’s low season, with fewer or no activities offered. Enter gift cards! By offering the chance to gift your experience, you can take advantage of Black Friday madness, holiday generosity, and those last minute Christmas shoppers.Figures from Peek Pro show that last year 51% of gift card sales occurred between Black Friday and Christmas. What does that mean? On an average day during the holiday season, our partners generated 10.5x the amount of gift card sales compared to their daily average the rest of the year!Take a look at this graph showing last year’s gift card sales trends:

You can see that Black Friday is when gift card sales begin to spike, with December 22nd showing as the biggest day for gift card sales in 2017. So make sure that you kick off your big gift card push in time for Black Friday, and continue it all through December!What if you offer winter activities? Maybe the holidays overlap with your peak season? In that case, this is your opportunity to double down and maximize your sales through all possible channels. Take advantage and make December a bumper month for your business!

Rake in That Instant Cash Flow

We can probably all think of a gift card we received last Christmas (or was it two Christmases ago?) that’s tucked away in a drawer somewhere, waiting to be used. In fact, almost $1 billion worth of gift cards go unused in the U.S. each year.The good news is, when someone purchases a gift card through your website, you receive that revenue right away — not when the card is redeemed. That means you don’t need to wait for Uncle Bob to clear out his desk and book his activity before you start seeing that extra revenue. As soon as your gift card is purchased, boom💥. Instant bottom line boost!

The Perfect Present

We all want to avoid seeing that “I wonder if they kept the receipt” look wash over our loved one’s face as they open our gift. That’s why experience gifts save the panic of finding the best-smelling bath set that we definitely didn’t buy last year — right?The trouble with gifting some experiences, like concerts or events with a fixed date, is we have to cross our fingers and hope the recipient is free that day. Either that, or we ruin the surprise with scheduling questions. With your gift cards, that’s not an issue. Your customers can choose the activity, rental or cash amount they want to gift, and the recipient can book for whenever suits them! Win-win!

How to Sell Gift Cards

So you decided to get in on gift card capabilities. You’re in the game. But how can you drive those sales and really take advantage? Here are a couple of key ways:

Push the (Gift Card) Button

Just like with your online bookings, your website is going to be a key player in driving your gift card sales. So slap that gift card button on your homepage right next to your Book Now button and make it clear from the get-go that your tour, activity or rental is giftable.With gift cards available in the same style booking flow you have for your online bookings, you can make it easy for your customers to choose the activity, rental or cash amount they want, and purchase their gift card in no time.Check out how Peek Partner Sunset Ranch Hollywood is promoting their gift cards:

They have dedicated a whole chunk of their homepage to promoting gift cards and making it easy for customers to purchase them. They've also added different gift options, including specific activities or a custom cash amount, giving customers more choice. Win!

Let Your Customers Bring You New Customers

Your customers came on your tour or activity, and they had an awesome time, right? Of course they did! So why not make it easy for them to share that experience with a friend or loved one? Happy customers who had a great time with you are the perfect audience to sell gift cards to. After all, they’re the ones who know for sure what a fun time your tour or activity is!Plus, by offering guests the chance to purchase a gift card for the activity they’ve just been on, you’re giving them a ready-made gift idea. And the best part is, it doesn’t involve too much extra effort on your part! Your guests are ready and waiting for gift card marketing. So why not let them be part of bringing in more guests!The point of all this is: if you want to improve your bottom line — especially this holiday season — you need to be using gift cards. They are an easy and super successful way to give your sales a boost, and showcase your awesome tours to an even wider audience.Not using gift cards on your website? Take a look at Peek Pro’s new and improved gift cards feature and see what you’re missing out on!

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