Managing a helicopter tour company is never easy. There are a lot of moving parts and your team has to be on the same page with bookings, confirmations, and payments. You want to make sure your site is easy to navigate and your booking software is reliable, while also helping you to boost revenue. With travel and in-person experiences set to restart and customers beginning to look for the best tours, it’s time to  prepare for this new wave of business. We’ve highlighted some of the key tools you need to automate check-in, boost revenue and manage your flights from the ground while your customers enjoy the amazing views from the sky.

Go Contactless

As you head into your peak season, contactless check-in is key to building trust with guests and starting their experience off right. Here are a few ways to cut down on time spent waiting in line and avoid unnecessary contact with staff:

Embrace the Power of Digital Waivers

We all agree: safety is of paramount importance for any helicopter tour. This is even more true with safety measures during a pandemic. Digital Waivers (like Peek Pro’s) allow guests to sign before or at arrival from any device, saving everyone time and cutting down on contact. See who’s all set for takeoff and who still needs to sign off in the same place as all your booking info. Best of all, digital waivers collect the emails of all customers who sign a waiver, giving you quick access to contact them for that five star review after the tour is over! Never worry about scrambling for a pen or clipboard to sign those pesky paper waivers!

QR Codes

Check-in shouldn’t be a long process. That’s why QR Codes are perfect for streamlining your guests' in-person experience. The QR code market already exists in a big way, with 37% of Americans saying they used QR codes in 2019. Complete the process from a safe distance using any QR Code, whether it's embedded in an email or printed out on a ticket or receipt. Standing in line at the front office is a thing of the past!

Custom Manifests

Multiple tours happening at the same time? Manage and send information to your pilots with Custom Manifests. All information for specific tours found in one place and sent directly to those in charge means knowing when to take off and when to land without worrying about communication in the middle of the tour.

Set Free Your Pricing

Control your activity prices effortlessly with these three amazing features. Set prices to fill up every tour and seat you offer to maximize profit while providing a cost suitable for your customers.

Set Up Dynamic Pricing Rules

Specific times call for specific pricing. Airlines and major retailers  change pricing for certain days, so why shouldn’t your helicopter tour? When the department store Sears implemented price changes on 25% of its products during the holidays, they saw a 17% increase in online sales! Whether it's holidays, peak summer, or just a particular day of the week, automatically optimize your pricing based on the time or day to grow revenue. Charge more in the busy season or offer discounts for offseason to maximize sales no matter the time of year. Looking to fill seats on a flight? Easily lower the price once your tour has met the minimum to encourage bookings so that all tours are filled with happy customers.

Split Payments

Cash or Credit? Doesn’t matter! Facilitate larger group bookings by offering the option to split payments. Split Payments allows customers to pay for the tour among multiple people with any form of payment. Not enough cash? No problem! Charge custom amounts and see the remaining balance updated in real time. If one customer needs a refund, easily manage the transaction with the click of a button. Don’t hunt through the register or rack your brain getting the correct change ever again!

Bundle Tours Together

You’ve probably got some amazing tours. Let your customers take advantage of reserving multiple tours at once! Encourage your customers to book another tour with the Bundles feature. Offer sunrise and sunset tours with a simple, one-click booking rather than offering them as separate activities to increase revenue. Build itineraries for longer trips, offer group discounts and combine popular tour packages together to upsell the best experiences to all your customers.

Boost Revenue At Every Step

Finding new ways to grow revenue is never easy. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you! Showcase additional services with ease with tech features that help you boost cart sizes and reach new markets.

Upsell with Add-Ons

Do you offer a VIP service for your helicopter trips, such as celebratory champagne, photography or video packages? Offering premium products is a great way to increase shopping cart size and add additional revenue to existing activities. In 2020, Peek Partners saw a revenue uplift of 3% when using Add-Ons. Easily include these services right from your booking flow so that your customers enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience that helps you grow revenue at the same time.

Custom Gift Cards

Customers leaving satisfied? Let your previous customers bring in new ones through the option of Custom Gift Cards. On average, helicopter tour operators using Peek Pro see that gift cards make up 4% of their total revenue! If your guests loved their time in the sky, they’re more likely to want to share it with their friends and family as well. 76% of adults decided to purchase at least one gift card or e-gift during holiday shopping last year. Gift cards go unused? No problem - you receive the revenue when the card is purchased, not when it’s redeemed. Easily create your gift cards using Peek Pro’s pre-customized templates to boost sales during slow season, holidays or for any special occasion.

Personalized Reseller Links

Explore different ways to advertise your business aside from the conventional tactics. Working with hotels, influencers or other resellers is a great way to grow revenue and market yourself outside of your own endeavors. Make reselling simple with Personalized Reseller Links that direct customers from the link directly to your tours. Just set up your trusted affiliates and attach their commission. Then include specialized URLs to track the bookings that go through your resellers and remain organized as the reservations flow in. Don’t worry if the customer abandons the booking - Peek Pro automatically tracks the purchase so we’ll know if they come back to purchase later.

Automate, Automate, Automate

Focus more on your experiences and spend less time in the office. Time-saving automation tools will save you the hassle of repeatedly contacting customers with messages for reviews and follow-ups.

Capture Abandoned Bookings

Everyone hates abandoned bookings - that’s a given. Customers may leave your page to search for similar options or simply to forget to return to their cart. Make the most of this lost opportunity with Abandoned Bookings. Peek Pro gathers contact information early on in the booking process and follows up with an email if customers leave the page, allowing them to pick up exactly where they left off. Find extra success by offering promo codes or highlighting customer testimonials to reel in those lost customers. Best of all, Peek Partners have seen a 10+% increase in bookings using this must-have feature.

Showcase Reviews

Reviews spread out over different sites? Build customer trust and grow interest by highlighting all of your stellar reviews using the SmartReviews tool! Our reviews widget is embedded directly on your page to showcase honest and verified customer comments. This is a great tool to increase reviews and some Peek Partners have even tripled the amount of their reviews through this feature. Your customers shouldn’t have to switch from site to site to find honest testimonials about your helicopter experience and won’t have to anymore!

Use Automated Emails

Did you know that 51% of businesses use some kind of email automation? You should too! Whether it’s a confirmation or reminder, Automated Emails reduces the time spent contacting customers and allows for customization to include your own personal touch. Even if it’s a cancellation, you can stay friendly and offer a rescheduled tour later on. Streamline your email process while staying consistent with your message using this simple feature!

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