As the sun sets on another exhilarating summer season, you face a valuable opportunity - the offseason. During this time, you can, and should, prepare diligently for the return of sunny days and eager adventurers. While your doors may be closed, these winter months are the ideal time to make changes that position your business for growth and success. 

Reflect and Analyze

With summer over you should take this time to learn from your previous success and pitfalls. With Peek you can access detailed data on bookings, revenue, and customer reviews from the previous summer season. This insight enables you to identify trends, peak booking times, and top-performing tours or activities. 

With Peek Pro’s reporting tools, you can gain  valuable insights to help influence which tours and activities you’ll offer next year, as well as where to market your experiences. Check out Peek’s suggested offseason reports:

1. Sales by Weekday - Discover your best performing days with the Sales by Weekday report. Use this report to help schedule your activities for your next year or season. You may decide you want to set aside more resources on your better performing days or use Dynamic Pricing rules to reflect the higher demand on days like weekends.

2. Promotions - Running discounted promotions for holidays or special events? See which promotions are generating you the most revenue so you can better plan your marketing efforts for the next busy season.

3. Mobile vs. Web Online Sales -  As a general rule, it’s important that your website is mobile-optimized. It’s even more critical if you notice a lot of your bookings are coming from mobile. 

Top Tip: Embrace customer reviews

Use the offseason to engage with customer reviews. Show gratitude for positive feedback, emphasizing the value of your input. Equally, respond to negative reviews with professionalism and empathy, highlighting your dedication to improvement. Customer reviews wield significant influence in shaping your online reputation, making them a crucial component of your offseason efforts.

Prep New Marketing Tactics

Now’s the time to revamp  your marketing strategies by creating and scheduling email campaigns to keep your audience engaged during the offseason. By highlighting your membership offerings and alerting customers once new dates are available to book, you can entice customers to plan ahead for the next summer adventure. Through using your customer database, you can keep your business relevant and generate revenue even after the season is over. 

This is also the moment to rethink your digital brand. You can enhance your online presence and improve search engine rankings, making it easier for potential customers to discover your tours and activities. Check out our recent webinar to learn how using Google Adwords can help you drive direct bookings from Google searches

Top Tip: Enhance your tour descriptions using AI

Utilize AI tools to elevate your tours and activities with captivating descriptions and images of your experience. Tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney can be powerfully leveraged to save time while creating vivid descriptions of your products. Add your core information like locations, highlights and attractions before testing out different prompts to produce the perfect description or image.

Create Your Calendar for the New Year

While your activity calendar may be barren for the upcoming months, you should be making plans for the upcoming year. This process involves not only scheduling your tours and activities but also making strategic adjustments. Firstly, consider updating your pricing strategy. With Peek Pro’s Dynamic pricing rules, you can maximize revenue by adjusting prices based on changing demand. Consider these three factors when setting up Dynamic Pricing:

1. Weekday vs Weekend - Optimize your pricing strategy for the increased demand on the weekends or a small discount during the week to encourage your customers to visit when demand is lower.

2. Seasonality - Make the most of the beginning and ends of your season by setting up specific pricing by time range. Operate only during the summer? Update your pricing to reflect the increased demand of June-August while incentivizing months like May and September.

3. Availability - Leave no seat unfilled by setting up minimum availability pricing rules that are implemented when there are only a few tickets left. Through this helpful tool, you incentivize customers to book and ensure your tour or activity is full and avoid lost revenue from unused tickets.

This approach ensures that your pricing remains competitive and reflects market fluctuations. By implementing dynamic pricing, you can optimize revenue and attract more bookings.

Additionally, don't forget to add blackout dates to your calendar if applicable. These are specific days or periods when you don't offer tours or activities due to various reasons such as maintenance, holidays, or private events. By clearly marking blackout dates in your calendar, you prevent potential booking conflicts and manage customer expectations effectively. A well-organized calendar with updated pricing and blackout dates sets the stage for a seamless booking experience in the new year.

Top Tip: Promote early bird booking discounts

As you prepare your calendar for the new year, consider enticing customers with early bird booking discounts through Promo Codes. By offering special rates for those who plan ahead, you can secure bookings well in advance, providing a financial boost during the offseason. This strategy not only encourages early commitment from customers, but also ensures a more stable and predictable revenue stream for your business in the upcoming year.

Update Equipment Pools

Prepping your calendar for the new year involves smart equipment management. With Peek Pro's equipment management features, you can keep your equipment pools up to date with correct counts and capacities. Introducing new equipment next summer? Be sure to add your new equipment to your Peek Pro account now to ensure smooth operations during the peak season.

Moreover, you can efficiently manage various types of resources and equipment, from bicycles and boats to guides and vehicles, without hassle. This functionality helps you monitor your inventory, allocate resources effectively, and minimize human error, ensuring that you have the right equipment available when needed.

Top Tip: Plan for seasonal changes

Analyze historical booking data from the previously mentioned reports  to identify trends in equipment usage and bookings. Adjust your inventory accordingly, increasing the availability of equipment that experiences high demand in peak seasons and reallocating resources during slower periods. This strategic approach ensures you're well-equipped to meet customer needs while optimizing your equipment utilization throughout the year.

As the offseason approaches, take action to ensure your tour and activity business thrives in the upcoming summer. Prepare now to guarantee your business not only survives but prospers when the warm weather returns. A well-prepared offseason is your key to a successful summer!

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