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Pedal Pub Savannah

Savannah Pedals opened in 2012, after Savannah College of Art and Design graduate Marshall Young completed the Beer Wheel Drive project to design and build a beer bike—a bicycle built for 14 people, complete with beer coolers, bar-like counter space and built-in safety features.

After working on the Beer Wheel Drive, Young decided to bring one home to Savannah. He teamed up with his sister, Theresa, to build a top attraction in the city, where groups launch on pedal-powered pub crawls, sightseeing trips, ghost tours and more while enjoying a few cold ones along the way.

The Problem

Young had been using another provider for online bookings until 2015, when he saw how Peek could tackle operations efficiency issues—some of which he didn’t even realize he had. “After a walkthrough of the Peek Pro interface, it seemed to be a ton more intuitive,” Young said. “It seemed a lot more feature rich.”

Young saw potential issues with scale as word of mouth spread and his customer base grew. The need to handle greater customer volume in less time was becoming an issue, as was giving customers a seamless, on-brand experience throughout the booking flow.

The Solution

Peek Pro’s highly customizable booking flow fit Young’s needs perfectly. “Customers are staying on my website. It’s a more intuitive and professional-looking experience. Customers don’t get the impression they’re leaving my page or my brand.”

Young cites significant increases in bookings thanks to Peek Pro’s conversion and mobile optimized booking flow, citing that “the biggest part is the simplicity of the transaction process for the customer.” Young also loves the Peek Pro features that help him optimize his offerings and fill his tours. “Promo codes and daily deal vouchers increased our sales way more than I anticipated. Since we switched to Peek Pro, we’ve gone up 30–35% in bookings—and had an equal increase in revenue—in a very short period of time.”

With more customers coming in, Young also values Peek Pro’s scalability, so the influx didn’t disrupt operations. “Peek’s employee and resource management features helped optimize operations and save us at least 10 hours a week, but the biggest part is the simplicity of the transaction process for the customer. Peek Pro has also become a vital tool for our overall operation rather than just a back-end tool, as it helps with last minute sales, merchandising, and best of all communication for our 6-8 team members to keep customers informed.”

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Operators on Peek see an average 30% boost in revenue

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